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Automation of physical layer test benches is a complex task as it requires in-depth knowledge of every test function in ... Details

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Automation of physical layer test benches is a complex task as it requires in-depth knowledge of every test function in a total test setup. Automation software in physical layer is often in real-time as variation of physical layer parameters are required during the testing, be it a static or dynamic Use Test Case. Some Standards require hundreds of tests. Testing of CPE's, Gateways, DPU's, DSLAM ports .. is no longer a matter of man-hours, but also a matter of expertise and qualified resources.
The Sparnex Instruments Automation platform ICL is key for all Sparnex Instruments test and simulation systems. Test lab operators can run tests with ICL without in-depth analysis of the Use Test Case. This concept is an one-off automation environment that is parameter controlled - from the Standard under test or the Telecom Operator specific test plan to individual requirements of the lab manager and the test engineers.

The first ICL compatible system was launched in 1995. Today it is the most powerful test automation platform that integrates any function of a physical layer test and simulation environment.
All Sparnex Instruments test products, systems and platforms are ICL compatible.
  • Total comfort about test bench and test results
  • Exclude the number discussions on test results
  • Allow for planning of testing: each automated test campaign can be accurately timed
  • Increase drastically the output of the lab
  • Allow also technicians without expertise to run the tests
  • Improve your relationship with customers and suppliers
  • Increase the quality level of testing from day 1
  • Run tests that were not possible before as of complexity of configuration and risks of mistakes
  • Get control over the laboratory
  • Cost effective investment
  • One stop supply for hardware, software and automation: no alternative on the market
  • Free test engineers and other resources for jobs that can not be subcontracted
  • Allow for better service and output towards marketing, engineering, production quality supervision and service department
  • Partner with the experts who are following each change of the Standard Recommendations
  • Stay updated with latest version/issue of Standards
  • Allow for adapting the automation software to own specific test requirements
  • Universal ICL Server Client that is compatible with all functional blocks of the test bench
  • Unlimited expansion, future proof
  • Run 24/7 automated tests with Report Generator
  • Test campaigns for checking access products on Standards
  • Test campaigns for Service Operation Test Plans
  • Quality assurance tests in an automated way
  • Regression tests backwards compability tests
  • Program specific test campaigns on demand with TSP Test Scenario Programmer
  • Test Interoperability of access products in a repeatable automated way
  • Program test scenario's of customers and suppliers in a fast and easy way
  • Software controlled adding and removing of functional blocks in the test set up
  • When ASM switches and matrix are installed: create full flexibility on the choice of Device under Test
  • Run Certification, Compliance and Performance tests for external partners, customers and suppliers
  • Discuss performance results that exclude any doubt on the test bench, test setup and test campaign
  • Check performance/compliance announced by suppliers in catalogs, manuals and test reports
  • Run product and system Acceptance Tests and generate automatically the reporting of results
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