Layer 1-2-3 Telecom Test Equipment Manufacturer

Sparnex Instruments is a spin-off of the Sparnex Telecom Engineering group founded in 1979 who designed worlds' first DSL chipset in 1991.

The company is no 1 test equipment vendor of high-end broadband test and network simulation products for qualifying and certification of broadband access products according International Standards and according Telco Operator specific Hybrid Fiber-coax-wireline-electricity network characteristics. Sparnex Instruments' worldwide recognized Physical Layer Competence and Reference Center has turned its access network expertise into high-end best-in-class test and simulation platforms for ITU Standard Compliance verification as well as for defining maximum real world performance of Access Equipment. Today's ITU Standards and Performance Test Results of Internet modems are defined with Sparnex Instruments Layer 1-2-3 platforms.

  • Standard Recommendations (ITU-T ..) compliance testing and certification
  • Benchmark & Maximum Broadband performance testing
  • Production testing and Quality Assurance of Broadband products
  • Broadband Product Engineering and Development testing
  • Regression, Network Service and Repair testing

Sparnex Instruments' ITU-T programmable physical layer concept is a distinctive and unique approach for defining Broadband Performance as it can be programmed with different line type topologies and use test cases on top of the pre-programmed ITU-T test cases. From a transmission and physical layer point of view this is the only way to set benchmarks of maximum teoretical performance versus expected real world performance - which is proprietary per country and per type of network. Sparnex Instruments test systems are developed in close cooperation with the Broadband transmission experts who address any physical layer related issue such as characterizing networks in terms of insertion loss, signal mismatching, disturbers, .. setting deployment rules, optimizing transmission schemes, benchmarking of new transmission technologies and products versus legacy services, mastering and planning the technology and product evolution on short-medium and long term, selecting and certifying best modems and DSLAMs/DPU's ..

The company is based in Antwerp-Belgium, with offices in the USA, Europe and Asia.
Agents, distributors and Sparnex Instruments engineering staff are servicing the systems worldwide for automation of testing and 24/7 test campaigns.