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This high precision convertor allows to use a standard 50 Ohm spectrum or network analyzer to measure all physical layer ... Details

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This high precision convertor allows to use a standard 50 Ohm spectrum or network analyzer to measure all physical layer parameters of a balanced 100 Ohm network (wireline, pair, cable or component) with an unmatched accuracy over the entire range from DC up to 300 MHz (with 500 MHz reach). This overcomes the limitation of common classic baluns in terms of frequency response and frequency bandwidth that are designed to be accurate for only a part of that spectrum. Moreover, most baluns introduce reflections that affect impedance measurements while such reflections are not present in reality. Accurate and representative measurement results in higher frequency band have become necessary for the Broadband Industry as of new transmission technologies like working in frequency range of 106 and 212 MHz enabling 2 Gbps over copper networks. The BIMA 300A is as well as a balun, a measurement reference and an impedance bridge perfectly suitable to measure all physical layer parameters (ABCD) like insertion loss, delay and impedance in a correct and repeatable way. BIMA 300A can be used with any type of Network or Spectrum Analyzer. It is the preferred choice of the analog expert who is after correct and accurate physical layer measurements in any part of targeted frequency spectrum - starting from a reference level of 0 dBm at all ports.
  • Wideband range from 3 Hz to 300 MHz (26 octaves or 8 decades) with 500 MHz reach
  • Very low frequencies combined with wideband frequencies
  • Frequency independent resistive 100 Ohm port terminations (no variance as per frequency)
  • Very accurate 100 Ohm port termination that outperforms classic line transformers
  • High isolation/separation of incident and reflective waves over entire spectrum
  • Reference level of 0 dBm at all ports
  • Ideal in combination with scalar network analyser
  • Indispensable tool/probe that complements physical layer measurement set ups even with only limited calibration tools/software available
  • VDSL2 and Vectoring from DC up to Profile 35b ~ 35 MHz
  • Accurate PSD ITU T measurement G. fast 106MHz & 212 MHz (424 MHz)
  • Defining transfer function and modelling of copper networks > 300 MHz
  • Reference probe for comparable Spectrum and Network measurement results
  • Adapts unbalanced 50 Ω VNA ports to balanced 100 Ω ports
  • Balanced reflectometer bridge replaces Impedance Test Adapter balun transformer combinations
  • Full network analysis including Insertion Loss, Return Loss, S parameters, etc
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