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The new ANG 2240 is a state-of-the-art design with dual port output, expandable to four ports. This powerful Arbitrary Noise ... Details

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The new ANG 2240 is a state-of-the-art design with dual port output, expandable to four ports. This powerful Arbitrary Noise Generator is developed around multiple 16-bit DACs that are sampling at 600 MHz, driven by market fastest and most powerful FPGA's in the back-end with feature-rich analog circuits in the front-end. The noise generator is designed for static and dynamic signal generation in a frequency band from 15 kHz up to 240 MHz to test combined broadband services with ADSL/VDSL/Vector VDSL transmission technology in frequency domain, and transmission technology in time domain (TDD). The revolutionary concept of the new ANG product range is about the change from hardware noise generator output channels towards sophisticated software engines resulting in more flexible programming of any type of noise at a lower cost of ownership. Contrary to current hardware dependent solutions this new concept allows to re-use noise files developed in Matlab, Python or any other signal processing software with an open platform that is only limited by its speed, sampling rate, frequency band, output level and noise floor.
The ANG 2240 comes with a high-end Reverse Power Feeding transparent noise injection for DSL and PLC on balanced twisted pair at 100, 120, 135 or 150 Ohm compliant to ITU-T Standards which is a distinctive factor compared to general purpose 50 Ohm Noise Generators. The ANG 2240 has noise injectors built inside the system. Line Simulators and Device under Test can be directly connected to the ANG 2240.
Sparnex Instruments - with over 40 years of experience in physical layer simulation and test systems- has been copied many times ... find out why the original is simply better.
  • Combine up to 7 noise sources into one single output
  • change signal level as per individual noise source
  • program all timing parameters of impulse noise
  • PDS Pre Defined Scripts as per Standard Recommandation
  • ICL Real time remote programming
  • Multi functional GUI for line, traffic, DSLAM and Noise programming
  • test different xDSL deployment scenario's
  • run tests according Standard Recommendations
  • test Radio Frequency Interference (RFI TV Broadcast . . )
  • generate impulse noise like PEIN, SHINE, REIN . .
  • White Gaussian Noise (WGN) Crest < 5
  • multiple noise source mixing single output panel
  • Matlab, Python, . xls noise formats
  • ICXACT Spectrum Analysis data compatible format for reproducing disturbers
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