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A flexible programmable 2-port Noise PC card developed to generate high voltages in a spectrum from DC up to 40 ... Details

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A flexible programmable 2-port Noise PC card developed to generate high voltages in a spectrum from DC up to 40 MHz at a minimum Crest factor of 5 in order to test Broadband transmission products on their compliance to the International ITU-T and ETSI requirements. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) noises, Impulse type of noises like REIN, PEIN, SHINE, DSL crosstalk noises, Gaussian noise, .. are preprogrammed according BBF test recommendations like TR-60, TR-100, TR-114, TR-249, .. The output of 50 Ohm is connected to a high-impedance 100 Ohm built-in balun of the LSX Line Simulators. The ANG 2030 is a classic device working in many DSL test laboratories worldwide.
  • Fast high end Noise Generator that meets all International Test Recommendations
  • Easy programmable with preprogrammed libraries
  • Direct interface on PC bus for fast data transfer
  • FPGA controlled with large on board RAM for big noise files
  • CLI remote control for automation of test bench
  • Can be integrated in the LSX 2030V universal xDSL test bench
  • compatible with ICL for real time control of external mixing and amplifiers to allow for combined complex noises
  • ICL compability gives access to all Noise Generator Software tools like NCS, NIS, PDS, NBS, NFCT, . .
  • Accepts third party noise design with . csv, Jason, . xls formats
  • External clock source for different clocking of Broadband services and non synchronised noise generation
  • Compatible with ICXACT Spectrum analyzer to replay field spectrum measurements of disturbers
  • Testing Broadband data transport products on their compliance to International Standards
  • Generate all kind of disturbers in a wireline network for for optimising broadband transmission quality of modems and Central Office equipment
  • Trouble shooting with well defined repeatable test cases
  • Mimic any specific problem in the network to maximise transmission speed and stability
  • Reproduce network proprietary problems for the purpose of ideal configuration in the existing telephony network
  • Program the legacy network to investigate the consequence of introducing new technologies
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