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The LSX 2200 is worlds Reference Test Platform for certification and performance testing acc. ITU-T G.9700 & G.9701 PSD, ... Details


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The LSX 2200 is worlds Reference Test Platform for certification and performance testing acc. ITU-T G.9700 & G.9701 PSD, BBF-WT-380, WT-338 (RPF Reverse Power Feeding), ATP 337 as it combines Line Simulator LSX 2100 with Noise Generator and Noise injector ANG 2240. The physical lines can be programmed as TP100, 24 AWG, CAD 55 and 0,4 mm PE. The balanced 100 Ohm noise generator is pre-programmed for testing and certification according different Standards.
In addition to Standards the test platforms of Sparnex Instruments are the only platforms that also can simulate any line type as present in real world networks of the Telco Operators.
  • One G. fast Test Reference worldwide
  • No test configuration discussions All in One test system
  • Programmable for any line type (any country)
  • Highest accuracy smallest stepsize 0, 1dB@1MHz
  • Lowest BPC (By pass Crosstalk) of 80 dB@10 MHz
  • Dynamic range including noise generation of 80 dB@10 MHz
  • Simulation of Complex Impedance, Insertion loss and Delay for simulated lines and length
  • GUI and Display Finger Touch control with pre defined test configuration memories
  • Selectable for Standard Certification USA, Europe, Japan including line and noise selection
  • Fully programmable Use Test Cases that replace testing on real cable
  • G. fast Reference system based on LSX 2100 that is in use by market leaders since 2016
  • Ready to use for manual and automated test setups
  • Allows for testing G. fast products with local and Reverse Power Feeding
  • Allows for WT 338 RPF noise tests, ITU T G9701 PSD test, WT 380 Performance tests
  • Used by market leaders as G. fast reference system for performance testing
  • Used by Telco Operators as their cable programmable G. fast reference test system
  • Transparent for Reverse Power Feeding
  • Test maximum G. fast performance of chipsets and products
  • Test G. fast products on Standard Compliance to Standards Interoperability/Performance/Telco Specific Use Test Cases
  • Benchmark G. fast technology and products
  • Compare test results of different products under equal test conditions
  • Reference system for regression tests after product updates/upgrades
  • Test G. fast according any typical line types, topology and noise per country
  • Allow for repeatable G. fast test setup where all test parameters are memorized
  • Test with worlds ITU T compliant Physical Layer Test Reference
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